Permission Slips Episode #152

Aaron McHugh


This is your permission slip to cut yourself some slack. Take a break. Take a day off. Skip school. Skip work. Wear flip-flops. Punt on a meeting. Say No. Don’t go. Stay home. Call in sick. Be late. Take a nap. Do half as much and call it good enough. Tell “perfection” to take a flying leap. Go on a two-week vacation. Use your floating holiday tomorrow. See a movie at lunchtime. Stay in your jammies all day. Order pizza. Watch Netflix all day. Sleep in.

Schedule a meeting in your work calendar titled “Strategy planning” and go take a walk outside. Take a nap in your car at lunch. Let the kids do their laundry. Order takeout. Cancel plans with friends. Don’t attend the school fundraiser. Turn your phone off and let it go to voicemail. Go off the grid. Catch your breath. Be kind to yourself and say “enough, I’m tired.”

If you wrote yourself a permission slip for rest, what would it say?

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