Protect the Asset Episode #123

Aaron McHugh


I am listening to Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown on repeat. I keep revisiting a phrase he uses, Protect the Asset. His idea is that you and I are the asset of every story, every beginning, every good endeavor that we imagine and therefore we need to protect us.

Protect the asset.

Take on smaller bites.

Listen to Dan Miller’s advice on pruning 15% every year.

Listen to Dr. Henry Cloud’s book on Necessary Endings.

Ask yourself:

  • What needs to come to an end?
  • Where has growth been stalled or stunted?
  • Where are you ignoring protecting the asset?
  • How would your priorities change if you began treating yourself as the most important asset?
  • Where are you applying self-appointed pressure?
Protect the asset

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