You deserve a fresh start

May 5-6, 2017  two-day 
rethinking your life event

Colorado Springs, CO

Presented by Aaron & Leith McHugh

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Yes, I want to reboot

write yourself a better story


If you could reimagine your life again...what story would your write?

 Maybe you feel stuck in a life rut or simply feel you aren't living the life you were made for. It's easy to find yourself down a path you didn't want or you're eager to do something new.

People like us want to live a meaningful life full of intimacy, connection, joy, creativity, beauty and adventure. 

We rebooted our life, sold everything and started our life (and marriage) again. We will help you explore what a well-lived life means to you and how rebooting your life can radically improve the story you're living.

Also, just because Leith and I are co-hosting doesn't make this a marriage conference. It's open to anyone and everyone, regardless of where you're at in life and your relationships.


May 5-6th, 2017


Work Life Play by Aaron McHugh and Brave Beauty by Leith McHugh 
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rebooting your life


Unplug Your Life

For some mysterious reason, everything works better when you unplug it. Our lives, our careers, our relationships and our health can become more fruitful when we stop and unplug. 

Come unplug with us and reimagine your life again. 


Commence Reboot

We're going to dig deep together. Starting with plotting the course your life is on today. Understanding where things started to get off course. Addressing limiting beliefs that are restricting your future. Dreaming again. Restoring balance. 

You deserve a second chance at a well-lived, joyful, adventurous, creative, healthy, connected, meaningful life.


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