Rescuing Daughters & Sons From Modern Slavery with Exodus Road Episode #98

Aaron McHugh


“6 girls rescued in India! 3 children, 3 adults. Youngest was 10 yrs old. 5 traffickers arrested.”

This was the text message I received last night. Tears and gratitude well up. In this episode, I interview Matt & Laura Parker, founders of The Exodus Road. They rescue daughters and sons from modern slavery, human trafficking of all unthinkable types.

Modern slavery is a human issue. Regardless of our religious beliefs or our global residence, real people, real children, daughters and sons are being exploited. The enormity of this situation is so sobering. I can feel the paralysis creep up my legs. Matt and Laura taught me that yes this modern slavery problem is dauntingly gargantuan…and three daughters were rescued yesterday.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke 1797

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Daughter Anika rescued from India
Daughter Anika rescued from India
Matt Parker combing the red light district in search of lost daughters and sons
Matt Parker combing the red light district in search of lost daughters and sons

758 Supported Rescues
122 Active Search & Rescue Operatives
640 Nationals Trained (in country)
250 Supported Arrests

One daughter, one son, one trafficker at a time, The Exodus Road is liberating the captives. “We made it our mission to go find sons and daughters. No one was looking for them”. There are so many raw moments in this conversation. Matt tells a story about their conviction driven beginnings. Matt would leave their town, Chiang Mai, north of the city of Bangkok and ride his scooter into the city aiming for the Red Light district, brothel headquarters.

“You don’t wait for the hero. You rise up and go anyway”. Matt’s words as he articulated his propulsion to go into action and start searching for specific daughters and sons by name.

“When you’re poor you’ll throw yourself at a lottery ticket of life”. The problem is that so many of the children in modern slavery willingly left their homes and families. The great deception was that they would be getting a good job “in the city” and could send money home to their impoverished families in their home village.

There is a scene in the movie FURY that I believe depicts the work of The Exodus Road. Shia LaBeouf’s character tearfully speaks of his soul’s truth and his role in the bigger story of WWII. Watch here. “Here am I. Send Me”.

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Matt & Laura in the Joybus Podcast
Matt & Laura in the Joy Bus Podcast studio