Restoring Balance Part 1 Changing Your Atmosphere Episode #88

Aaron McHugh


In this podcast series on Restoring Balance, I deconstruct the art of making adjustments in your approach, your thinking, your beliefs and habits. I share practical easy-to-start tools to restoring balance to your Work, Life, Play, Health and Relationships. Part One Changing Your Atmosphere starts with changing how we approach our circumstances by changing our internals.

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The helpful backstory

When all of my obligations of career and family were still in full tilt, my friend Matt taught me an idea that changed my life. He dropped off a couple of CD’s that he labeled “Soaking”. He encouraged me, “although you can’t fix your circumstances, you can alter the atmosphere you bring to the circumstances”.

Matt was naming how I was engaging the crux of my life’s challenges. He showed me how I was making my experience of my circumstances harder than necessary. Starting with music, Matt invited me to improve my internal atmosphere, my thinking and emotions, and begin focusing on what was going right in my life. Subtly over time, this micro-shift in approach became the basis for restoring balance in my work, life, play, health and relationships.

Not exactly shredding waves-but I'm in the arena
Not exactly shredding waves-but I’m in the arena

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