Restoring Balance Part 2 Stop Multitasking Episode #89

Aaron McHugh


Stop Multitasking and starting doing one thing at a time. In this episode, I outline how multitasking deters us from experiencing balance. Instead, focusing our energy and attention on one task, conversation, meeting, email, or project at a time increases our productivity.


Why Multitasking doesn’t work

Why you should start Singletasking. Multitasking makes us 40% less productive.
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Fast Company
Multitasking rewires our brain and stunts our emotional intelligence.
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Multitasking doesn’t work. The truth is we are wasting time. Our brains aren’t equipped to Multitask.
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I’ve found that closing the gap between where I am today and Where I want to be usually isn’t accomplished with one magic lever switch or dial adjustment. Instead, it is a series of small adjustments made regularly over time that slowly reconditions our choices and habits to alter our future.

Restoring Balance in our Work, Life, Play, Health and Relationships isn’t easy. We individually maintain our own definition of what balance means to us. Start where you are and begin making adjustments to recovering balance. Start by doing one thing at a time-Stop Multitasking.

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