Sharing Our Life, Love & Food with Elayne Prechtel Episode #83

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Last week, I crashed a women only backyard dinner party. Thirty women were dressed and buttoned to celebrate their Season Finale of Super Soul Happy Hour/Share ClassesParty lights were strung between Ponderosa pines and simple picnic tables borrowed from the local high school. Each place setting held a Martha Stewart style full bouquet of food and wine. Elayne Prechtel envisioned this backyard soiree of Sharing our Life, Love & Food and created an enchanted Colorado summer evening for her friends. 

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Quick lessons

  • Dream it up. Believe you can do it. Make it happen.
  • Not everyone will believe in your idea like you do.
  • Don’t get too hung up on the timelines. It will happen.
  • Be tenacious about finding YOUR way to make a difference.
  • Invite other people into your dream.

Elayne’s Been there and Done That List

Elayne makes things happen. I don’t know which part is fate and which part is boldness infused intentionality. She seems to navigate big projects and big plans with a gentle-tenacious-assurance.

  • Dreamed up a community event hosted by our local school, which drew 1,600 people.
  • Applied and won tickets to OPRAH’s Life You Want Tour and OPRAH’s televised Super Soul Sessions.
  • GE selected her family for their Our American Kitchen documentary.
Elayne Prechtel
Elayne Prechtel

Elayne’s mission

Sharing to inspire others in learning, loving and growing.  This whole mission is all about learning to live open-handed and hearted without any agenda or expectation in return. It’s about empowering others to operate from a space of love and share life, love and food in their own lives in order to gain that sense of connection and community we all long for.

Elayne's cookbook-Sharing Our Life, Love and Food
Sharing Our Life, Love & Food*

Elayne’s Cookbook

Elayne created every recipe and took every picture for her 426-page family cookbook. This is one mom’s journey to create a tangible legacy for her kids in the best way she knows how – from her kitchen. Elayne Prechtel merges her love of photography and country upbringing with her simple, down-to-earth cooking style by sharing family favorite recipes, heart-touching memories, beautiful photography and invaluable life lessons in the family cookbook, Sharing Our Life, Love and Food. Available on Amazon.

Super Soul Happy Hour: Brave Beauty & Elayne team up

These gatherings are for women who want to aspire, inspire and encourage others toward their goals, reach new heights and join with their community tackling such life giving topics as being simply you, trust, intention and integrity. Come get energized and walk away craving more for yourself and life!

Share Classes on Life, Love, and Food   are all about inspiration, connection and real life realities. Check out one of our most recent “Super Soul” evenings with Brave Beauty.

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*All photo credits belong to Elayne Prechtel.


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