How to Cheat Business Travel Episode #66

Aaron McHugh


Think differently

Business travel does not have to be a drag. Remove resignation from your list of excuses. You can fulfill your work obligations and HAVE A GOOD TIME ALSO.

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Come prepared

Kukio's south pool at dawn
Kukio’s south pool at dawn

Get up early

Scout out an adventure. Order a UBER car. Go watch a sunset. Hike a trail. Walk a park.


Visit a Museum

While on business trips, I’ve visited:

Take a break from the meeting

More than once, I’ve walked the stairwell of a hotel/conference center to get in my steps for the day. Act like a Pro eight minutes at a time. 

Skip dinner

Who says you have to go out to dinner every single night? Grab a chocolate milk, a Cliff Bar and a banana. You’re good to go for the whole evening.

Hire a guide

Here are a couple I’ve hired that I would recommend

Fly Fishing The Reel Life-Santa Fe, New Mexico guide service for the Pecos River
Surf Lessons Oahu Uncle Bryan’s Sunset Suratt Surf School-The North Shore Oahu, HI

Look up a meet up group in advance

Whatever you love, there are other people like you in every city across the globe. MeetUp is a great resource for finding your tribe (people like you) where every your traveling.

Mountain biking the Redwoods above Santa Cruz
Mountain biking the Redwoods above Santa Cruz

Call a friend in every city

Facebook, High School, College, Fraternity/Sorority, Social Media, your email pals. Risk saying “Hey anyone want to meet up while I’m in town?”.

Find a trail nearby

I promise you there is always a trail nearby. It won’t be marked. It won’t be on a map. But if you’ll walk outside and wander for a bit, there is always a trail, a park, an open-space, or a pathway to explore.

My favorite things I’ve done during business travel