I like to start things.

A few times each month, I write about new ideas I’m noodling.  I have a day job, a family, friendships and personal passions that I juggle.  I lost the ability to bullshit a long time ago.  I don’t do emergencies. I don’t do drama. I don’t do plastic and phony. I don’t adhere to a blogging schedule or spend hundreds of hours on social media trying to find followers.

I share my experiences, challenges and adventures in hopes of you gaining courage to keep going.

My Day Job

Today, I am the Commercial G.M. for North America for Kalibrate Technologies.

For the previous eight years, I lead a software division within a 42 year old manufacturing company that I helped start.

This software helped revolutionize the 100-year old Retail Gasoline market.

This is my personal blog

I am told that I am skilled at narrating what other people see, but are not able to put into words.

My goal is to provide insights and encouragement that you
can apply in your professional and personal life.

I typically write new posts once to twice per week.

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