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This is an invitation to unravel what the world has taught you. Early praise for free eBook “This absolutely beautiful book is a true whack of the truth on the side of your career.” Seth Godin, Author The Icarus Deception “I loved this book. Reader beware: this book will call you out and into your best work.” Jeff Goins, Author, Wrecked “This brave […]

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Category: Social Media
photo Montana State University Library

Today’s Social Media era reminds me of an old western film. Like one of the classic John Wayne cowboy films. The dusty little towns are booming with new enterprise and Pioneers are always risking their life savings in hope of a better life. Like in those old depictions of the Wild West, the new Frontier […]

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Category: How to get started?

“I figured out how to swing cheap“. Clay Hebert I was on the phone with @Clayhebert and I couldn’t help but write down this quote.  In today’s electronic world most of what you need to get started is already free or cheap.  It means that you do not have to wait to save $1000.00 or […]

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