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Every Picture Has a Story

The way I put it to my friends There are two versions of every story. The one you tell on Facebook or at a cocktail party, and the one you only tell your closest friends.  For sake of invitation and encouragement, I’m going to risk telling you both versions of three stories. I’m trusting that […]

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Category: Life, Play, Work
Joy Bucket-Trunk

Two quick requests before I divulge my secrets on how to Stick-It to the Man. I’m usually pretty upbeat in my writing.  If this one seems a bit grim in the intro, hang on to the end for the sunshine to break through. Please don’t take this article to Human Resources and blow the whistle […]

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For some reason this podcast interview has tugged at my heart and my Lizard Brain resistance has delayed my publishing this episode. I guess the real truth for me is this interview hits very close to home and my own experiences with survival. I think I simply wanted to enjoy marinating in two of my […]

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Photo by Bonnie Courtland (Creative Commons)

We wish the world was a better place. We wish our life was easier. And we can easily defer the responsibility to change the world to other people. We assume we are: Too busy Too important Not important enough Too old Too young Maybe the best way to change the world is to start with […]

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M. FIeld Art & Beach wear shop

Subscribe in iTunes Podcast Summary Mike Field-Sport. Life. Art. In this interview you will enjoy Mike’s humble almost bashful view of his story. But don’t be fooled.  He lives in a beautiful story of wealth. Not necessarily of worldly monetary wealth but one of passion and art and friendship. Why we believe we need to consume […]

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