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Joy Bucket-Trunk

Two quick requests before I divulge my secrets on how to Stick-It to the Man. I’m usually pretty upbeat in my writing.  If this one seems a bit grim in the intro, hang on to the end for the sunshine to break through. Please don’t take this article to Human Resources and blow the whistle […]

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For some reason this podcast interview has tugged at my heart and my Lizard Brain resistance has delayed my publishing this episode. I guess the real truth for me is this interview hits very close to home and my own experiences with survival. I think I simply wanted to enjoy marinating in two of my […]

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Photo by Bonnie Courtland (Creative Commons)

We wish the world was a better place. We wish our life was easier. And we can easily defer the responsibility to change the world to other people. We assume we are: Too busy Too important Not important enough Too old Too young Maybe the best way to change the world is to start with […]

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M. FIeld Art & Beach wear shop

Subscribe in iTunes Podcast Summary Mike Field-Sport. Life. Art. In this interview you will enjoy Mike’s humble almost bashful view of his story. But don’t be fooled.  He lives in a beautiful story of wealth. Not necessarily of worldly monetary wealth but one of passion and art and friendship. Why we believe we need to consume […]

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