Morgan Snyder

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Joy Bucket-Trunk

Two quick requests before I divulge my secrets on how to Stick-It to the Man. I’m usually pretty upbeat in my writing.  If this one seems a bit grim in the intro, hang on to the end for the sunshine to break through. Please don’t take this article to Human Resources and blow the whistle […]

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Jon and Seth

Anyone that is attempting to produce something to be shared with the world there is a question that has to be answered. Which part of me am I going to offer? The Crux Questions 1)  Are you going to spend time producing content or creating (insert your Art) that I think the world will like? 2) […]

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It is such an imperative question to ask.  And your first answer will not be entirely accurate. It is so difficult to see your own skills, talents, and uniqueness clearly.  We are aware of those collections of amazing elements that make us “You”.  But we lack the intricacy of insight required to fully comprehend our […]

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