Who are you? Do you know?

Aaron McHugh

It is such an imperative question to ask.  And your first answer will not be entirely accurate.

It is so difficult to see your own skills, talents, and uniqueness clearly.  We are aware of those collections of amazing elements that make us “You”.  But we lack the intricacy of insight required to fully comprehend our bigness, our own recipe that makes up our “special sauce”.

We need trusted advisers to assist us in crafting the laser precision summary of “Who am I?”

Don’t misunderstand me.  I know who I am at a macro level.  But when I start tracking down to a micro level, I need some help.

This was my quest beginning in 2011.  I needed to be able to communicate “Who am I?  What do I make, invent, and pioneer? Why is it important?  Am I any good at it?

Those questions drove me to ask questions of the few people I respected the most in the space of Work.  And the prerequisite was I had to trust their belief and heart for me.  That cocktail combination of respect for them and trust in their intentions for me was powerful.

I asked those trusted advisers to get out their red ink pen and start lighting up my first cut answers to these questions.  There was more red than black.  And it was beautiful.

They helped me extract from the marrow of my life “Who I am.”  Notice it was no longer a question.  A period was inserted and it became a statement.

I am under renovation and always improving, inventing, editing and dreaming.

I am becoming dangerously clear on who I am, what I do and why it matters.

Start asking the question.  It will disrupt the trajectory of your life.

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