Walt Disney Family Museum

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Finished Ironman CDA 2005

Thinking but not committing If you are anything like me, I bet you spend a lot of time thinking and dreaming about starting something new. For me it can range from an Adventure trip that I want to go on to an ebook I’ve been writing. Ideas into action are more difficult. There is a […]

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Walt Disney's first advertisement

I started working on that (animated short) in the garage while I was still working for the film studio.   Great Beginnings Start in the Garage Walt Disney started creating his animated shorts in his garage while he still had a day job. The world was forever changed because of his unwavering commitment to bring […]

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Walt Disney

What you accomplish is less important than how you accomplish it. Our Reward System is a Mess. In our world today, we are rewarded and revered for What we accomplish.  But I believe the world has it all wrong. Follow me as we scrutinize our lonely metric of empire building, wealth generation and conquest oriented success system. The […]

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