1% talk back

Aaron McHugh

In Talk Radio less than 1% of listeners talk back.  Translated, only 1% of your listeners will actually pick up the phone and engage in the dialogue with the show host.  99% just sit back and enjoy the content but do not contribute or spar with the talk show host.

That same reality is present for a writer, a musician, or your art, your new idea, your special sauce.

With any art, it is important to consider your motives first.  Like a talk show host, if you are providing something meaningful and relevant the 1% is still a small sampling of the impact or result.

So you better deeply believe in what you are doing more than you need to hear from your audience.

Audience participation and feedback are not always an accurate reflection of the value of your contribution or impact.

Even if you hear crickets chirping, don’t give up.

And, make sure you don’t disregard the ratings either.

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