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Hi I’m Aaron McHugh.

I want to help you restore balance and discover your path to a well-lived life. I write and speak on how to make adjustments to your thinking, your beliefs and your habits. The rewards are experiencing more joy, adventure and connection.

Aaron McHugh is a writer, podcaster, adventurer and author of the best-selling book, Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work. He is mastering the art of living a sustainable work-life balance that constantly interweaves rhythms of play and adventure. That includes road trips in their 1974 VW Bus, aka The Joy Bus, catapulting them into many father-daughter adventures together.

Aaron loves ideas. He loves to dream up new adventures. He is a Starbucks French press coffee snob and is at his best if he gets out for his daily run. His day job is incubating software products for the Oil and Gas industry.

He and his wife Leith live in Colorado Springs, CO. They are celebrating twenty-four years of marriage in December. Their marriage has survived the death of their twelve-year old daughter Hadley in 2011. Their twenty year-old son Holden lives in Costa Mesa and is thriving in recovery eighteen months clean and sober.

Last year they rebooted their lives, sold their house and all of their belongings to reboot their life and start their life over again. It hasn’t been easy, but they would do it again. They love traveling, drinking box wine and spending time with their creative, hilarious and courageous kids.

In Work, he’s covered the spectrum from ringing in the Opening Day trading bell at the London Stock Exchange to humble beginnings of selling office supplies door-to-door.

In Play, he’s an adventurer. He’s an Ironman triathlete, mountaineer, and is learning to surf. He recently accomplished a Life List dream of mountain biking the entire Colorado Trail from Durango to Denver.

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