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And So The Story Goes

Aaron McHugh

I’m flying over the Norwegian Sea returning home from another week in The Netherlands. I attended my second week of training to become a facilitator of transformation as part Aberkyn. I spent the week at a Roman Catholic monastery, and I wanted for nothing, other than my family and friends back home.

The pace of work was steady each day, but I didn’t feel tired like I used to feel sitting in a conference room all day listening to someone drone on like the school teacher in Peanuts cartoons “wwwhhhhaaaahhhh wwwhhhhaaahhhhh”. I felt the congruence of the work with my soul. I could see so many pieces of my life converging into one. All of the hardship, all of the beauty, and all of the years of business flowing into one new emerging season.

Let me be specific. I’ve been dragging around a sharpie marker bag the last two years. In this new work, PowerPoint isn’t allowed only markers:). I’ve attended a recovery group for the last couple of years, and we go around the circle and “check-in.” Every morning we start a client workshop, we facilitate a “check-in.” The list goes on and on and on.

I’m going to go ahead and ask a question, How is this possible? As I write, I hear a rainbow spectrum of your responses. Let me take a stab at naming what’s in the air. You might say, “well, yeah some people are just lucky” or “well, you’re a good person, and you deserve it.” A few of you might immediately hear a whisper, “That will never happen to me. This is the way things are, and I’m stuck here.”

So which is it? Is it that some of us win and some of us lose? Are our futures pliable and can they be shaped? Are you stuck and foretold to stay in the same broken story, crap job, distant marriage, dissolution, or financial predicament you’re in now?

My experience says it’s whichever version of the story you tell yourself is true. Like a Broadway play, we embody the character (our beliefs) to match the role we’ve told ourselves we’re here to play. How do you start writing a new story? Become the kind of person who can embody the character you want to play for the new story you desire to live.

When we touch our lives with a lightness, a brightness flowing from a deep well of agreement resonating with God, Spirit, the Divine we can become the new story we desire. Our life begins to take shape externally from the life we’ve created internally.

And so the story goes.

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