Are We Any Good at What We do?

Aaron McHugh

David Braud Photography & Flashtastic Photo Booth: Medicine Ball Session &emdash;

When I attended the Seth Godin Medicine Ball session last month, he asked a key question.

As part of a three part triangular diagram, the questions were:

  1. Do you understand how things work? (Strategy)
  2. Are you willing to invest Emotional Energy?  Are you willing to fail?
  3. Are you any good at it? (Skill Set)

This last one has recently been sparring with me like a boxer in a ring.

I love it.

I was recently asked some challenging and appropriate questions related to business.

What’s the future hold? Where are we headed?  How are we going to get there?

And the question of “Am I any good at it?” keeps coming back to me.

Am I any good at:

-Seeing the future?
-Articulating the path we should take?
-Forecasting Sales & Revenue?
-Presenting the business review?
-Delivering under pressure and with the clock ticking?

I am applying those questions to the approach I will take in responding to the business questions above.

It’s one thing to talk about how good you are at X or Y or Z.  It is another thing to actually pony up and do the work.

Wish me luck!

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