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The Art of Being @ The Joy Farm

Aaron McHugh

We sipped a chilled bottle of Joie Riesling underneath the apricot trees. The Joy Farm’s vibes were grabbing a blanket, a bottle of wine, order a wood-oven pizza and linger in their orchard. I giggle remembering the ease and joy we six playmates felt. It had been years since I remember laughing that hard.

Being still, being present, being engaged is an art-a learned skill that requires practice. Six friends sitting in an orchard, eating, laughing and enjoying a bottle of wine should be a regular part of my life. Vacation holidays draw out and surface the possibilities of shape our lives can have back home.

I’m going to call two friends and get them together to share a bottle of wine under the trees.

What did you do on vacation that you want more of in your regular life?

Visit The Joy Farm

Joie Farm (means “Joy” in French) is located in Naramata/Penticton Wine Region, British Columbia about four hours East of Vancouver, BC and an equal distance north of Spokane, WA. @Joiefarm

Friends practicing the art of being at Joie Farm Naramata BC

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