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Becoming Unstuck

Aaron McHugh

Getting stuck happens. Trapped in thinking ruts. Stuck in behavior ruts. We tell ourselves rehearsed stories that we come to believe are true. “I’ll never lose this weight,” “He will never change,” “It will never get better.”

We get stuck believing the stories that others tell us are true, “You should be thankful for this job,” “You’d better play it safe,” “You have to go to college.” People like us thrive when we exercise our belief that life is pliable and that our future is untold. Individuals who believe that yesterday is proof that today will be the same stay stuck on a loop of disempowered despair and can’t find the off switch.

The choice to get unstuck starts new every morning. Incremental, continual, small experimental shifts in our decisions, our thinking, our beliefs change our course heading.

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