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Choose To Play the Long Game

Aaron McHugh

Two games are being played concurrently. The short game, quick, impulsive, and driven by the polls while being measured at the moment. The long game is rooted in meaning, substance, and impact and can only be measured in decades. Most of our society stays focused on the short game who’s ahead, who’s behind, the latest viral amusement, the newest diet, the latest drama, and trend. I find the short game exhausting. The rules of the game are always bending, and the winners are sensational, but rarely worthy of our grand children’s admiration.

The long game is boring to watch. It is slow and methodical, and calculated and intentional. Winners are difficult to judge because the finish line is off in the distance. The long game is more forgiving leaving room for course corrections and mistakes. Become part of the solution, choose to look beyond the short game and become the kind of person who values building long-term substance and value.

The world is waiting for you to make a lasting impact by playing the long game.

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