Coming Home Again

Aaron McHugh

I plucked ripe radishes from our garden tonight. Our home is a carve out of peace. Salmon is on the grill. Tunes are creating an aroma of Aloha. I doubted my future this week. I thought deeply about playing it safe. I ran scenarios through my head about the future. Like the movie WarGames, my WOPR computer couldn’t find a way to win tick-tack-toe.

And we pulled in the driveway from a two-week hiatus and like smelling sauce to a defeated boxer-I woke up. I walked through our home. I read the mantras on the walls. I felt the love we’ve fought hard for. I drank deep in the atmosphere of peace we’ve created. I’m ready to bet my life on this story trajectory.

People like us can sometimes forget how many assets we have. Yet we know something transcendent, something deeper that we can’t plot on a chart or graph, but our hearts know is true that gives us hope. Our compass needle keeps pointing to true north.

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