Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day

Aaron McHugh

Before I die full-london
Chalk Board at an outdoor pub in London

I was recently in London and came across this chalkboard at this outdoor pub.  It stopped me in my tracks, as they were inviting people to write for everyone to see what they most desire to do before they die.

“Live Right”

“Travel to ….”

“Kiss …..”

I immediately thought of Todd Henry’s new book, Die Empty.

“Don’t go to the grave with your best work inside of you.  Choose to die empty”
Todd Henry

No one really loves to think about the end of one’s life.

No one that I’ve met wants to spend their career doing work they don’t love or believe in.

In Todd Henry’s newest book, “Die Empty” he takes those two concurrent unifying truths and invites us to “Unleash Your Best Work Every Day”.

Toddy Henry is the author of the successful book and podcast The Accidental Creative.   In Die Empty he outlines the case for purposely extracting your life’s best work from within.

The beauty of Die Empty is not that Todd invites you to not leave your personal Picasso unpainted but most importantly he provides practical steps for how to make it happen.

Here are some practical guidelines that Todd explores:

  • How to avoid the “Seven Deadly Sins of Mediocrity”
  • How to define your battles wisely
  • Why you should be fiercely curious
  • How to step out of your comfort zone and make a valuable contribution to the world

If you’ve dreamed of doing your best work. If you’ve pondered a life list, books you want to write, trips you want to take, creative projects you want to begin, don’t allow those visions to die with you.

Let Todd Henry, help you make it happen.

Pick up a copy of Die Empty and stop listening to the excuses in your head.


2 thoughts on “Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day

  1. What a cool picture. I’d love to see what the sage (white haired fellow) there was thinking as he looked at that board.

    As our team prepares for a masculine stages camp in a few weeks we are all discussing sages a lot. As I have delivered the stages of a man, every time the guys that approach me the most after are those in their 60-80s. All of them say “if I had only heard this talk in my 20s. I always tell them them it never to late.

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