How to Dollar Cost Average for Life

Aaron McHugh

photo by itamar

I find that one of my greatest challenges to producing or yielding more in life is due to a lack of consistency.

Consistency is a challenge.

Pick any one of these: your diet, your marriage, your yard, your finances, your career, your hobby, your fitness, your relationships.

How challenging do you find it for each of these to be yielding the fruit you dream about?

Maybe we need a “You pick two” type approach like a Panera Bread meal deal?

Do you want a soup and a sandwich combo?

Today, I balanced the checkbook (finances), worked with a new hire (career) and squeezed in a 42 min lunch time run (fitness).

Diet, sleep and marriage are all out of balance today.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Maybe we need to approach Life like we do our financial portfolio, dollar cost averaging.

Over time, consistent, small deposits invested regularly will yield a better harvest than small sporadic investments.

But if you measure any one day by itself, or only make irregular occasional deposits, your overall return will be lower.

If this does not work, then I’m in trouble.

How about you?

What does your trend line look like?

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