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Don’t Do It For Fame

Aaron McHugh

The truth is I do want to be noticed. Behind that shallow layer of hoping I’m seen, the deeper truth is I want my life to matter. It is a bit embarrassing to admit, but when I am writing, the pursuit of fame can surface with this whisper, “Maybe so-and-so will read this and then he will share it and then his six million followers will read it”.

When I began writing, I tried to write what I thought people would want to read. It was crap. No wonder no one read any of it. When I made the shift to simply be myself, go with my weird, people starting finding me. There is great irony in this principle. The more we are authentic the more attractive we become.

When the pursuit of fame is our motive, the less authentic and relatable we become. Whatever you are pursuing, check your motive. Remind yourself that what the world really needs is you to be authentically you.  Don’t do it for fame.

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