Don’t Neglect Your Relationships

Aaron McHugh

A friend told me about a saying from his mentor, “The grass is greener wherever you water it.” I’ve been married for over twenty years and I have not always regularly irrigated our relationship. When I was age 25, I thought my wife could be more like xeriscaping: drought-tolerant. Turns out she never signed up for an inch of rain every three months. I’ve learned the hard way that growth comes where you regularly water.

Trust me, your wife, your friends, your family, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your sister, your brother, your neighbor, your employees, your son, your daughter…would gladly receive some relational watering from you.

Go find that watering can.

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Don't neglect your relationships by Aaron McHugh 99 ways
Don’t neglect your relationships by Aaron McHugh 99 ways

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