Dreaming Big Can Feel Impractical

Aaron McHugh

For some, dreaming big can feel impractical, illogical and “squishy.” You know – like half-baked, not fully cooked or in focus yet. But I’ve learned to like squishy dreams.Here was a dream that my wife dreamed of me three years ago.

At the time, it was a hemisphere away from my daily reality.  It felt improbable, even deserving of a polite nod. But I pasted it in my journal and held it as a hopeful someday.

JOY. FREEDOM. not a stressful job. bike job in the city for fun and fitness. bmw. simple but beautiful contemporary home. low maintenance. doing podcasts. mentoring/leading prominent business leaders. and/or upcoming young ones. not carrying such a heavy weight and burden for our family. freedom to P L A Y! to rest. to LIVE the life that you TRULY DEEPLY want. joy. laughter. such incredible laughter. friendships…deep friendships.”

Years later, my life looks a lot closer to her squishy dream. Imperfect, bumpy, and uncertain but we’re closer to living a sustainable joy-filled rhythm.

What squishy dream needs a voice in your life?

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