Every day is not a harvest

Aaron McHugh

Are you doing the work, but not seeing a return?

Not everyday is powerful or memorable.  Nor is everyday worth repeating.

Everyday is a strand in the DNA of our life.
Connected.  Inspired.  Necessary.

Every day is not a harvest.  Many days are simple.

Photo credit by Peter Kaminski
  • Dig the hole.
  • Plant the seed.
  • Water the seed.

You are doing the work but, there are no buds or spring time green of new life?

Then one day, when you wake

The daily grind of what was formerly fruitless now bears an abundant harvest.

Keep doing what seems ordinary.  Keep doing the extra-ordinary but is unseen.

Life, work, relationships, health and wellness are all subject to this master.

Faithfully do the work with the belief that one day the harvest will come.

And it will.

What are you working on that seems void of fruit?

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