Everyone is Waiting on You

Aaron McHugh

Everyone is waiting on you to be the real you the best version of you.

You may not believe it nor even have evidence that other people would notice.

The truth is it is up to you.

Like Natalie we have to risk stepping into that place of being Anonymously Extraordinary.   

In 2011 seventeen year old Natalie Warne gave an inspirational talk at TEDxTeen.  I found her interview to be extremely wise.


Natalie Warne TedxTeen 2011

I had been extraordinary all along.

You can find more on Natalie at the above links and on twitter @nataliewarne.

Some of the highlights from her talk:

  • Living your passion

Not because of the fame or the fortune but because that is what makes your heart sing.  (Tweet this)

  • Be extraordinary

In the small monotonousness acts of every day I have to remind myself to be extraordinary.(Tweet this)

  • When I am seen

It was not just that one moment.  It was simply the moment when the rest of the world saw what I knew to be true. (Tweet this)

  • Run the risk

Dare to matter. Dare to hope.  (Tweet this)

  • Anonymous impact

Anonymous extra-ordinaries selfishly and vigorously fighting for what they believe in.  (Tweet this)

  • It is never too late

You can change the world today.  You’re never too young, never too old.  (Tweet this)




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