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What Fills Your Emotional Energy Tank?

Aaron McHugh

Do you know what fills your emotional energy tank? I’m not talking about food and your stomach. I’m talking about your soul’s very being. You see there is only one You. You are an intricate creature full of energy and capacity for creativity, conquest, connection, and innovation.

Only you can know what your owner’s manual states for ongoing care and maintenance. But most of us, never take the time to get acquainted with our owners manual. We never stop to wonder what the fine print actual says. What about the CAUTION captions? Have we read those carefully?

I finally had to stop and read my owners manual after I burned out. I discovered some amazing things like Adventure is apart of my DNA and fills my emotional energy tank like an avocado gives me good fat. I wonder what you’d discover about yourself if you quickly wrote down an unedited list of all of the things that fill your emotional energy tank?

Start with when you feel happy and energized.

-Your favorite experiences: That trip to Florida with the kids’ last summer?
-Your favorite people to be around: Your best friend from college?
-Environments: Remember how much you love to be at the beach?
-Type of work you love: You love writing code or teaching people an idea?

You see your owners manual will be really helpful in you becoming a student of yourself. Once we know what type of fuel our engine requires, then we can begin understanding how the engine can optimally perform.

Keep going- Aaron

Emotional Caloric Intake of nutrients. Emotional Calories contain energy to power our emotional energy.

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