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Finding a Medium Switch: Learning to Live in Balance

Aaron McHugh

I once was told by a friend that he “does not have a Medium switch”.

For some people, you cannot find their “on” switch.  They seem unmotivated, static and placid.

For some people you cannot find their “off” switch.  They are exhausting, incessant and unaware.

My friend wasn’t saying he is in between these two examples of “On” and “Off”.

He was saying that he pours himself so deeply into something that he lacks the ability to pace himself.  When the switch throws “On”, he feels a surge of power, clarity and passion that injects into his project.

If the switch is in the “off” position, his project lacks all creativity, motivation and desire.

Finding the medium switch can be very difficult for creative people.  

Far too frequently the switch is either in the unequivocal “On” position only to wear down to arrive at the dust settling position of an exhausted “off”.

I too am working to find “Medium”.  I wonder where you’ll find yourself if you’re willing to take an honest inventory.

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