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Fine Craftsmen Pay Attention

Aaron McHugh

Walt Herrington, penned, or maybe etched first in a wood beam-I cannot confirm, “Fine craftsmen don’t work only to get done, to get paid. They work in the moment. They work for a feeling that is rare and beautiful and ineffable. Wanting that feeling again and again drives and inspires them. ”

I write in moleskin journals with blank lineless manilla-white pages. In the beginning, the first pages feel like borrowed house slippers. My pen is dotting the final period on the last page, and now my teddy bear confidant feels too intimate to put on a shelf. Your craft, teaching students, yoga, writing code, directing a project, commanding troops, tending to patients. Choose to work today in the moment and pay attention to that feeling of beauty.

In the spirit of the New Year, I want you to meet a few craftsmen that I admire.

Leith McHugh said I have a PHD in Life and coaches women on their Identity & Story.

Scott Teems made new movie about Hal Holbrook’s depiction of Mark Twain.

Stefan Loble is always dreaming up half-baked adventure trips.

Rachael O’Meara burned out and it became her super power platform.

Morgan Snyder started writing letters to older men asking questions. A decade later, his book answering the question “What’s the one thing?”

Mike Field sees the ocean, art, family and adventure as one. One of Hawaii’s most sought after artists.

Carl Richards created belonging for tens of thousands of Real Financial Advisors. Who game him permission?

Fine craftsmen pay attention to beauty, nuance, dreams, art, questions, patterns and stories. They see. Here’s what I see.

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