Get Outside of Your Normal

Aaron McHugh

Getting outside your everyday circles is like dropping a bunker bomb on your normal. Today I spoke with an Environmental P.H.D Economist.  How he thinks. What he thinks about. The zip code in which he resides.  The country he just returned from.  All of which are outside of my every day.

And it requires my brain to stretch and tear apart the synapses of normalcy.

I’ve never met with an alligator wrestler or a Prince of royalty.

I’ve never shared a meal with a refugee who lived in the Gaza strip.

But I have……

Cold called and interviewed the man responsible for the first Cubicle design for Herman Miller.

Shared coffee with the Sherpa who carried the IMAX camera to the summit of Everest.

Toasted over a glass of wine with David Robinson, Hall of Fame basketball player.

Cried over the stories of slaughter listening to a first person account of slaughter in Rwanda.

Normal is overrated.

Small is too small.

Live well. Choose Adventure.

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