Grown Bigger In the Bigness Of the Whole

Aaron McHugh

I sent this picture to a friend. His response, “Call 911!”

Without a context, it is anyone’s best guess what this collection of misfits are plotting.

I’ll let you in on the story.

January 5th is the death anniversary of my favorite Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s. Ninety-five years ago, he led his men through a harrowing journey of survival and endurance.

Just for fun, we cooked up a roadkill stew, dressed in our best polar expedition costume and watched the movie Endurance in honor of Shackleton’s story.

Shackleton penned these words as he reflected on their two-year odyssey, “(we had) grown bigger in the bigness of the whole.”

Big stories are roomy enough to hold our desires, our dreams, and our hopes. Our Shackleton dinner was an excuse to connect with a more significant story together.

Our invitation could have read, “Do you want to come to dinner on Friday?” Which most would have replied, “yeah sorry we’ve got something already.”

Our invitation read,


We hope you can make it to our polar expedition dinner.

MEN WANTED for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.

Join us for an intimate dinner in honor of the great Ernest Shackleton on the 95th anniversary of his death Friday, January 5th 2018. Like Shackleton, we’re going to huddle up for a cold winter’s brew, stories and whiskey. After our roadkill stew, (and possibly seal meat steaks-pending PETA approval) we will watch the PBS documentary of Shackleton’s epic journey.

@ McHugh’s home 38° 59′ 58.34” N 104° 48′ 4.51” W

-530 pm captain’s quarters reserve drams of whiskey

-630 pm food rations begin. rewards to the farthest traveled and best costume


If your story isn’t big enough, write a new one. Invent a bigger container and grow bigger in the bigness of the whole. Smallstoryitis is contagious. Don’t allow it to infect you.

Keep going-


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