How engaged is your team?

Aaron McHugh

Gallup Study: Engaged Employees Inspire Company Innovation

Asking yourself this question is very enlightening.

Here is a quick back of the napkin assessment:

A Not-Engaged Team might look like:

  • If you stood in the exit doorway at 5:00 pm would you be run over by the stampede of people leaving?
  • Do you hear people say “I don’t know anything about that you’ll have to ask someone else?”
  • Does your team bring new ideas to meetings or simply criticize other ideas and how they will “never work“?
  • Do you hear phrases in your office like
    • “Thank God it’s Friday.”
    • “Try not to work too hard.”
    • “It’s a Monday.”

An Engaged Team might look like:

  • Everyone needs a set of keys because they come in early, stay late and work weekends.
  • You have to order laptops for everyone because a desktop workstation would not allow them to create and invent while sitting up in bed watching the news.
  • Your customer’s ask for people by name.
  • Your competitors call to see if you have any job openings.

What is this costing us?
If 100% of your payroll was “Engaged” what could you accomplish?

-80% Engaged/20% Not-Engaged what is the effect?
-50% Engaged/50% Not-Engaged?

Can the momentum be shifted? 
Start with a one-on-one conversation and ask the question “Are you happy?”  You will be surprised what you may hear.  Often times once we can vent and be heard, our disagreements and misunderstandings can fade away.

Let them off the bus
Sometimes you simply need to let them off the bus at the next stop.  Don’t delay.  You’ll sleep better and your engaged teammates will thank you.

*Source-Gallup Business Journal for employee study.

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