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How McHugh’s Roll-According to Leith & Aaron

Aaron McHugh

In the last couple of years my wife, Leith, and I have talked about what it means to be a McHugh, one of us in our immediate tribe. We’ve inherited much wisdom from our families of origin, and also charted our own course. We felt it was important to name what it means, what is expected, what we should be known for as McHugh’s.

Writing down expectations of character as part of the family name is not a new practice. Families for centuries created crests and symbols to illuminate what it means to belong to their clan. We stand in agreement with those who’ve gone before us to name the importance of character and integrity. Leith wrote this creed as a reminder to share with our kids of what it means to be a McHugh and we roll.

You are a McHugh, I invite you to…

  1. Act like a McHugh especially when no one is watching.
  2. Take time for yourself; you are very important.
  3. Choose love over hate. It always wins.
  4. Take risks.
  5. Offer to help clean up after dinner, especially when you are the guest.
  6. Do things that scare you if they might build character.
  7. Own your shit.
  8. Be honest.
  9. Stay open.
  10. When someone is upset with you, ask yourself “how can I grow from this?” even if you were not in the wrong.
  11. Listen to your gut; it’s usually right.
  12. Take the higher road.
  13. Love hard.
  14. Advocate for yourself with integrity.
  15. Be introspective.
  16. In an argument, ask yourself “what is my part?”
  17. Honor your body- its connected to your soul.
  18. Assume the best about another.
  19. Be aware of your motivation.
  20. Stay brave.
  21. Know that you are enough.
  22. Ask others what their experience of you is (how you impact them for good or bad).
  23. Do what you say you will do.
  24. Remember that you matter.
  25. Choose happiness.
  26. Don’t be an asshole.
  27. Make a two-degree shift.
  28. Practice your happy.
  29. Invite everyone. They matter.
  30. Know that you have agency over your life.
  31. Take off your mask and be vulnerable.
  32. Be nice.
  33. Remember that everyone has a story (and is fighting a great battle).
  34. Take a nap. Unplug. Reboot.
  35. Find your tribe.
  36. Make sure your work and heart are aligned.
  37. Ask if there is a third way?
  38. Smile often.
  39. Point your toes toward what you want.
  40. Play hooky.
  41. Know that you are empowered. You are not a victim.
  42. Eff perfection.
  43. Live out loud.
  44. Be present when you are with your friends.
  45. Live abundantly.
  46. Be good to people.
  47. Know there are two sides to every story.
  48. Believe in healing.
  49. Ask for help.
  50. Forgive and move forward without delay.
  51. Surround yourselves with healthy people.
  52. Find ways to p l a y .
  53. Know that self-care is love.
  54. We will always be your biggest fan.
  55. Follow your true north.
  56. Know that we are on your team. We are FOR you.
  57. Practice laying things to rest.
  58. And always remember that kindness does matter.
  59. Love God.
  60. Pay your bills on time.

Use our list as inspiration to create your own for your family. In our modern world, these invisible character qualities are necessary.

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