How To Be an Artist by Sark

Aaron McHugh

How to Be an Artist by Sark
How to Be an Artist by Sark

How to Be an Artist- by Sark

Our friends the Teem’s have this poster hanging in their children’s bedroom. I wonder what shape my life would have taken, had I fallen asleep each night reading Sark’s advice on How to Be an Artist? 

I thought I’d share her advice with you in hopes of us all living more like an artist today. I’m ordering a copy to hang in our new house.

How to Be an Artist- by Sark

Stay loose. Learn to watch snails. Plant impossible gardens. Invite someone dangerous to tea. Make little signs that say yes! And post them all over your house. Make friends with freedom and uncertainty. Look forward to dreams. Cry during movies. Swing is high as you can on the swings by moonlight. Cultivate moods. Refuse to be responsible. Do it for love. Take lots of naps. Give money away. Do it now. The money will follow. Believe in magic. Laugh a lot. Celebrate every gorgeous moment. Take moon baths. Have wild imaginings. Transformative dreams and perfect calm. Draw on the walls. Read every day. Imagine yourself magic. Giggle with children. Listen to old people. Open up. Dive in. Be free. Bless yourself. Drive away fear. Play with everything. Entertain your inner child. You were innocent. Build a fort with blankets. Get wet. Hug trees. Write love letters.

From Planet Sark

I’m SARK, also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy- which spells SARK

SARKblueThe name was given to me by the author Henry Miller in the early 1980’s. Soon after, I started taking notes as spirit spoke through me. Those notes turned into all the books and art and everything SARKian. I love representing the SARK spirit and I know that that spirit is inside everyone!

Throughout the course of my life and career as an international expert in personal well-being and transformation, my name has become synonymous with transformation, color, healing, movement & FUN.

I’m inviting you to play and connect with me, letting gladness expand into your heart and touch that place deep inside of you- your inner Wise Self- that already knows everything you’ll ever need in this world is within you.

I’ve written countless books and created programs that I offer to provide a powerful, grounded and practical approach to feeling glad more often, transforming what hurts into what helps and living a life of joyful creative expression. No matter what!

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