How to Have Creativity Like A Drug Dealer

Aaron McHugh

Growing up, my next door neighbor was a drug dealer. He’d smuggle his delivery from his house outside to his curbside customers in an old vacuum cleaner. They’d roll up, honk their horn and he’d casually stroll out as if he were the top Hoover vacuum sales rep providing a try before you buy test drive. They’d drive around the block, return the vacuum emptied of their drugs. These peaceful shenanigans went on for years until my mom called in a sting operation with the local police.

Looking back, I admire Mr. Hoover’s creative problem solving, his boldness and his big vision for his life. He was a janitor by day, but an up and coming businessman by night. I’m speculating, but I imagine he saw something he wanted and started putting action steps together to realize his vision.

Here’s your assignment, I want you to become a drug dealer (in your mind)
and consider the boldness and creativity you’d enroll. 

Lessons we can learn from a drug dealer

1) Turn off Netflix and start sketching a plan for your world domination.
2) Live boldly, out front, and our loud.
3) How can you creatively solve your challenge outlandishly?
4) Stop making excuses why your small life should stay small. Go Big.

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