Why Win-Loose sucks?

Aaron McHugh


I had a conversation that went something like this.  I am fine with Win/Win.  I just want to win more.

What’s your reaction to that statement?

Are you cheering him on with agreement?

Are you wincing with disgust?

Is it possible to be committed to a Win/Win strategy during a negotiation and simultaneously maintain a deep commitment to want to win more?

Winning More

If it is, I am not very good at it.  I’ve never found a pathway through the forest of complexity of business negotiations that rewarded a “I want to win more” philosophy.

Every one wants to win.  All of the time.  Not some of the time.

I have built a career centered on the core belief that both parties can win, all of the time.

And the next time your partner, prospect, or customer needs your good or service then you remain on their short list for who to call.

You win.  They win.  Every time.

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