Job Seeker Take Some Free Advice

Aaron McHugh

(Photo by SaveMoney Creative Commons)
(Photo by SaveMoney Creative Commons)

Standing out from the crowd really isn’t that difficult.

Most people just don’t seem to give it much thought.  Or they would choose differently.

Job seekers, please accept some free advice.

99% of your competitors will not do these things.


  1. Act like a Pro and you will be treated and recruited like one.
  2. Don’t misspell the person’s name that you are interviewing with.
  3. Run spell check on all written communications.
  4. Create a digital portfolio, not just a resume.
  5. Don’t rant on your Facebook page and expect your prospective employer not to read it.
  6. Create a LinkedIn profile now.  If you have one, constantly update it even if you are not changing jobs.
  7. Ask your peers, co-workers, customers and bosses for LinkedIn endorsements.  Remind them you are just keeping your profile current.
  8. Create an email signature (even if it is Gmail).

Format for your email signature

  • Name
  • Title (the job you want to be hired for or what you bring to the table)
  • Phone
  • Email
  • LinkedIn profile or digital presence.  Facebook is not what a company is looking for.

Best Practices

  • Go to Vista Print and create a free pack of personal business cards.
  • If your references are discussed, then provide them immediately.
  • Prepare a separate document for references.  Do not email them typed into an email.
  • Convert all word docs into Adobe PDF.

After the interview

  • Write a hand written thank you note and mail to each person you met with.
  • Provide evidence and proof of what you’ve accomplished.

You will be surprised how few people actually do any of these things.  

But you’re not like them.

Good luck.

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