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Keep Being Brave

Aaron McHugh

I think about quitting sometimes. I reflect on shrinking back and playing small not exposing my interior life. The alternative, of course, is to be numb. To pretend I don’t see and hear what I witness. To fit in. To crank out more widgets, to blend into the edges of good enough.

Of course, then there is TV and politics, I could spend a lot more time catching up on Trump’s antics.

Or maybe, even when it’s hard, even when it doesn’t seem to make any difference in the world, I should keep pressing forward?

Maybe there is a tipping point and quitting too soon could be disastrous? And maybe going with your weird, being misunderstood and living with constant uncertainty is the braver path?

And you my friend, I know you to be brave. When I hear your stories, I know you should keep your chin up and keep forging ahead. Quit? Never-not you.

Instead, what if we both lean our ear slightly away from the noise and towards our internal compass? Our true north that keeps inviting us forward. Tonight, I’m going to keep being brave and believing that this difficult path is brilliant.

Let’s keep going-

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