You Knowing Something…..About Something

Aaron McHugh

What is it that you know?

What is it that you have mastery expertise in?

What have you logged countless hours perfecting?

What will you do with what you know?

How will you value it?

How will you share it?

How much longer will you wait?

Comparing Ourselves

Most people under value their expertise and dismiss its value because it seems small in comparison to (insert your comparison).

My neighbor testifies before congress on his area of expertise in missile defense.

Makes it easy to say “well I don’t testify before congress”.  Right?

I was on a call with a professional acquaintance and I explained to him what I do during @ my day job.

“I have been in the War Rooms of some of the largest Oil companies in the world and am privy to discussing their market strategies, competitive positioning and financial performance.”  

He said, “That is worth a lot in the market.

He asked, “Do you know anyone else who knows this much about the Gasoline markets in the US?”

My answer, “No I guess I don’t.”  There are a handful of people who I have met who have similar expertise, yet I never valued this niche insight before.  

As a result I have started interacting with a publisher of a trade magazine contributing ideas for articles.

Was Fame His Goal?

Fred Beckey was recently featured in Patagonia’s catalog giving honor to a noteworthy and legendary climber.  He is known for having pioneered over 100 first ascents in his 70 year climbing career.

That means that he was the first guy to the top of a mountain on a route or peak that was never climbed before.

I am sure if you asked him when he started climbing alpine routes in the Cascades of the Pacific Northwest was he doing it so he could write a guide-book that would be sold by Patagonia?

Answer: “No”.

And decades later, what he knows, what he has experienced, turns out to be highly valuable to some people.

Will it be a New York Best Seller?  Probably not, but does that diminish its value?

You decide.

Key Questions

Is it important how much it is worth $ in order to pursue?

What do you know that is worth something to someone else?

How much is it worth?

Does it have to be worth an exchange of money for it to be valuable?  

What if the worth is simply knowledge exchange?

What will you do with what you know?  How will you value it?  How will you share it?

Get started.

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