Do Less Better Episode #128

Aaron McHugh


Sir Edmond Hillary claimed he climbed Mt. Everest, “Because it’s there.” Reframed, I think he meant “Because I can.” Not everyone possesses the athleticism and grit to achieve the summit of Mt. Everest.
We conceded the fact that we are not trained Himalayan mountain climber, therefore, lacking the necessary capability and capacity.

The problem is most of life doesn’t present itself in a simple -easy yes or no format. Instead, we face viable offers, requests, and demands that fall within our areas of capability. Available capabilities without an accurate resource assessment lead to being over-committed, over-extended, producing subpar results.

The frontier-the unfamiliar challenge to explore is to commit our abilities, only when we genuinely possess capacity resources to fund the new endeavor.

Start making your decisions based on your available resources,
Only commit to what you earnestly know you can support from your available capacity.

Get real. Do Less. Do less better.

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