what to expect?

Experiential two and a half days with fifty people redesigning your life, getting unstuck, and rediscovering your path to living a meaningful life. 


When is the next Reboot?


Work Life Play by Aaron McHugh 
and Brave Beauty by Leith McHugh 
2017 All Rights Reserved. 

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your life
experiential workshop


unplug Your Life

For some mysterious reason, everything works better when you unplug it. Our lives, our careers, our relationships and our health can become more fruitful when we stop and unplug.  


commence reboot

We're going to dig deep together. Starting with plotting the course your life is on today. Understanding where things started to get off course. Addressing limiting beliefs that are restricting your future. 

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where is it?

The event will be held in two primary locations:
IvyWild School 1604 S. Cascade
Epicentral N. 415 Tejon

dates and times?

October 13-15, 2017 
Friday & Sat: 9 am to 9 pm both days with breaks mid-morning, lunch, and evening. Sunday 9 am to 11: 30 am.

how will it work?

We're going to play and dream and get real. Aaron and Leith will lead the workshop discussions along with surprise guests. Plan on moving around and getting outside to experience big ideas. 

where do we eat?

There are tons of restaurants within walking distance of the venues. We will give you lots of time for grabbing a bite and room to breathe.

where do we stay?

The Mining Exchange, 
A Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa | Nice $120-140
The Antlers
A Wyndham Hotel | Moderate $100-$125
Holiday Inn Express & Suites 
New $100 (surrounding neighborhood a little interesting)

where do we park?

There is metered parking near the venues. Maybe easiest to Uber or Lyft from your hotel.

what if I need to cancel?

You will receive a full refund 14 days before the event, after that it becomes a credit towards a future event.

how do I get prepared?

Listen to Aaron and Leith's podcast on their Reboot.
Subscribe to Work Life Play podcast.
Start with 7 practical steps to Restoring Balance.


get unstuck

Wherever you are on your journey, it is easy to get stuck in life ruts.  Discover why you're stuck and how to get your mojo back. Create a new life map aligned with your values and beliefs.



Remember when you were ten years old? We played with our friends and laughed out loud. Reboot is your permission slip to give yourself a break, be curious and adventurous again.

your guides


we rebooted our lives

In 2015, we sold everything we owned, pushed pause on our life and started over. Not everyone needs to jettison their life like we did. But everyone can benefit from the lessons we've learned from taking the road less traveled. Read our full story here.

As your guides, we will take you on a journey to help you architect a sustainable life you want to live forward. Reboot is not a marriage conference. 

Reboot is revolutionary and experiential and brilliantly crafted to help you rediscover what’s most important to you and stop what’s not working.

air travel options

Denver, DIA is a little over an hour north of Colorado Springs. The flights are usually less expensive. You can rent a car and it's an easy drive down. Colorado Springs, COS, is much closer but not necessarily easier to get to. If you don't mind a connection or can get a direct flight, it's great. You can easily Uber to your hotel.

when should I arrive?

We recommend that you arrive on Thursday and return on Sunday after 2 pm Colorado Springs or 3:30 pm for Denver. The workshop will conclude on Sunday by 11:30 am. Consider coming in early or staying late to give yourself some rest and time to explore one of the best cities in the US.

tell me more

A big part of the Reboot experience is the spirit of wonder and mystery. We keep most of the workshop a surprise. We incorporate surprise adventure excursions Friday and Saturday. We wish we could show you photos and tell you exactly what to expect, but we'd be diluting the magic of your Reboot experience.

Photo Credit Joel Strayer

rediscover your path to a 
well-lived life

"Raw. Real. Beautiful mix of fun, surprise, and challenge."


"Life changing."

"Loved not knowing what was coming next."