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Less but better, Winning Streak

Aaron McHugh

Hey friends,

I was having a conversation with my wife yesterday, and she encouraged me to reach out to you. A lot has happened since I wrote back in January. Our youngest daughter graduated from high school, I finished my book manuscript, and I’m traveling a lot for my work with McKinsey. 

A couple of months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed. I’d traveled eleven weeks in a row, was writing every weekend to meet my publisher’s manuscript deadline, and the stress was getting to me. Speaking with my coach Doug, he encouraged me to pause and take an honest look at anything I didn’t have to do. It reminded me of Greg McKeown’s “Less, but better” advice on how to make the highest value impact by focusing on fewer things. 

Podcasting, blog writing, and social media became the candidates for my temporary essentialism elimination. During a workshop, I remembered Seth Godin posing this question, “Will they miss you if you’re gone?” His pitch was to focus on making a meaningful impact (not on the number of likes and followers) such that your tribe would notice (and care) if you suddenly stopped. 

Radio silence

Graciously, I’ve heard from a number of you “Hey-you still out there? You ok?” Yes-I’m doing great and thanks for your emails, check-ins, and patience. Although unintentional, a benefit of my “less, but better” focus created a void that flushed forward this insight; my work makes a real impact in the lives of people like you. Thank you for helping me realize this. 

Quick update
My book is due out in January, and it is a culmination of my life’s work on how to keep going in life and @ work. You’re going to love it. It is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Later this year, I’ll resume podcasting and writing again. For now, I’m enjoying some soul care and celebrating completing my book. I have so many new stories to share with you, and for now, I will leave you with a few inspirational verses from Glen Hansard. 

“So, roll the dice, boy
‘Cause my money’s on you
Take my advice now and put your money down too
Because there’s something in the eye you can’t pretend
And may your winning streak
May it never end.”
-Winning Streak

Keep going, you can do this-

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