Lessons From A Monastery

Aaron McHugh

I’m listening to a rooster crow outside my window on this foggy morning in The Netherlands. The monastery I’m staying at has a daily rhythm giving continuity to each day, the rooster crows, the coffee brews, a meal is served, and a moment of silence observed.

There is a purposefulness to every routine. I watched a young man with down syndrome dutifully sweep cobwebs from the foundation of the building-brisk-brush-shuffle-review. My soul finds delight in this pace and intentionality of life. When my interior life, my desire for rest and ease, finds a habitat that matches my insides, I feel at home.

Lessons I can bring home with me

  • A moment of silence observed before every meal.
  • Finding a quiet moment throughout the day to walk outside.
  • Recognizing and acknowledging that I have everything I need right now.

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