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Life can be very simple

Aaron McHugh

Yesterday I spotted this little pull-behind travel trailer close to the border of Canada and the US. Take a close look at their custom hand stenciled graphical stories about the road trips they’ve experienced. It reminds me of how simple like can be if we choose to make it simple. Route 66, California US 101, B.C. 3, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska Highway, Trans Canada 1 each tattooed on her caboose.

Can you imagine the stories they must have?

I wonder what first compelled them to jettison their normal life to find a simple life in their ten foot mini-camper? I wonder if they listen to audio books or podcasts when they drive? Maybe they are retired? Maybe they are high-school history teachers and this is how they spend the summers?

I love that I don’t know their story. Instead, I’m reminded that I too could experience a simple life if I choose it.

Stay curious-


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