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Listening With Your Life

Aaron McHugh

Everyone has a story to tell if you listen long enough. I wonder how much different our experiences of our lives would be if we put down our phones and engaged with the humans we encounter at the grocery store, in an Uber, buying gas, and walking down the street. I watch people around me stay connected to their phones while they order fast food, pay at the grocery store and watch soccer practice.

Our actions are saying, You there behind the counter, could you hurry up and get me my food because I’m important and I’ve got somewhere to be. You are an object, not someone of interest to me. Are you done yet?

Or maybe, we’ve got it all jumbled up, and we’re all connected, in need of each other, and the Divine is waiting for us to show up to our lives to feel and connect with everyone. Let’s extend dignity to those we encounter and remind ourselves of our divine nature and theirs. Take the time to listen with your life.

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