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Living Life vs. Managing Life

Aaron McHugh

Being away from my real life, I realize how difficult it is to intentionally live my life vs. managing my life. We’re on a two-week vacation making dedicated efforts to power down phones and stay disconnect from Wi-Fi. However, I realize that text messaging is a more devious guest to refuse. I’m sure there is a setting that I can turn off to mute the new inbound messages.

I notice that I am concentrating on living my life each day vs. managing it. In my non-vacation life the lawn needs mowed, food needs prepared, phone calls need returned and chores need completed. At times, I can feel more like an estate or asset manager than an active participant in this beautiful thing called life.

My favorite part of vacation is that my incessant mode of efficiency can retire. On vacation, I see how my normal pace of life creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety in my life.

I say yes when I should say no.

I go out when I should stay home.

I do more when less is the better choice.

I choose checking out instead of connection with people.

Maybe vacation is apart of a long last art of giving yourself a break. When everything inside stops spinning so fast, it is a lot easier to choose what I love most.