Living the Truest Version of You Episode #8

Aaron McHugh


Anyone that is attempting to produce something to be shared with the world there is a question that has to be answered.

Which part of me am I going to offer?

The Crux Questions

1)  Are you going to spend time producing content or creating (insert your Art) that I think the world will like?

2)  Do you create what you want to create because it makes you happy, but may not satisfy your Google Analytics aspirations?

3) Is your goal a lot of followers or a highly engaged audience?

What if what the world really needs is the real you?

In today’s Podcast:

In today’s show Jon Dale and I have a discussion about living the truest version of your instead of trying to figure out what people want.

There are pitfalls to this:


  • 24 HR digital fast -How & Why?
  • How to compete with the 160M other bloggers.
  • As you live the truest version of yourself other people will be liberated to do the same.
  • How to start ignoring graphs and charts and increase your impact.

Some of our mentors that we discuss in this episode.:


Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson

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